Jan 2015 – Finland: In 2015 Alko will be updating its assortment managed model. More detailed information about the changes can be found from its web site and Alko will be holding a new information session about these changes on Friday 30th January at 10:00.

Dec 2015 – Sweden: Trebuchet once again provided high quality and stable results during the year in operations. Furthermore, the network and resource base are ready and available to handle both organic growth and new contracted clients in 2015.

Dec 2014 – Global: The BOD of Trebuchet made new appointments with Managing Directors structure in all Trebuchet subsidiaries. Please view about us/management group for further information.

Dec 2014 – Finland: Trebuchet and its warehouse partner Itella Logistics provided record breaking quality figures in 2014, with a picking quality of 99,93%. In the challenging December peak season the picking quality was a stunning 99,96%. Excellent work by all parties involved. Congratulations!

Nov 2014 – Norway: Trebuchet started cooperation with the leading quality wine importer Hans A. Flaaten AS. This final large client implementation during the year has led to four times growth for Trebuchet during 2014.

Oct 2014 – Sweden: Trebuchet (Sweden) tendered the distribution contract in Sweden early in 2014 and through hard competition InQuire AB was awarded the contract with Trebuchet AB. The contract includes a nationwide distribution service from the national DC in Gothenburg to Systembolaget, Wholesalers and On-Trade/Horeca.

Oct 2014 – Finland: Moët Hennessy Suomi Oy finished a strong second place in the Alko “Best Supplier” contest, coming very close to the winner Pernod Ricard Finland Oy. Congratulations to both. Trebuchet aims to support its clients to reach the top spots also in the future.

Aug-2014 – Australia: Trebuchet started import container handling and de-stuffing for the wine industry from its new site in SA at Penfield. This operation involves moving containers to/from Port of Melbourne (Victoria) and Flinders Port (Adelaide) to Trebuchet Penfield DC (South Australia) to facilitate deliveries to customers all over Australia.

Jul-2014 – Australia: Trebuchet moved the domestic distribution centre to the Trebuchet Penfield DC, South Australia. At the same time, a new linehaul network was implemented serving the national retailers, wholesalers and replenishment of Trebuchet’s state DCs in Perth (Western Australia), Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (New South Wales) and Brisbane (Queensland).

Feb 2014 – Norway: Trebuchet implemented the leading wine and spirits company in the Nordics, Altia Plc and their subsidiaries in Norway; Best Buys, Bibendum, Interbev, Strøm, Premium Wines and Altia Norway.

Feb-2014 – Australia: Trebuchet’s brand new logistics centre just outside Adelaide at Penfield is ready and operations started in the 22,000-sqm facility. Export consolidation of Australian wine products and container packing ramped up from mid-February. Trebuchet also implemented a regular rail shuttle between Outer Harbour (Flinders Port, Adelaide) and Trebuchet’s Penfield DC where containers are packed and cleared for export to more than 50 countries world wide.

Trebuchet’s new distribution centre is strategically placed to service the wine sourcing regions of South Australia with excellent rail links to both the ports of Adelaide and Melbourne and to Perth for intra state transfers of both bulk and finished goods. The facility is temperature controlled with an additional fine wine storage area and provision for spirits storage.